Team creabuntu

This is our team who keeps working on Creabuntus vision.




is a passionate feminist, writer and an environmentalist.  A double major student – Performing Arts and Clinical Psychology- she loves the concept of being able to heal individuals through arts and psychology and finds the human mind fascinating. She is a hardworking, calculated risk taker who isn’t deterred by failure. She is Vice-President of Creabuntu.





is a visual artist and studied arts at the College of the arts in Windhoek. He teaches workshops in Namibia and Europe and helps in different social projects in Katutura.

He will support Creabuntu with his knowledge and as a teacher.


Martha Ningeninawa Asheeke 

is a creative soul that has always believed in self-expression through the arts. She currently holds a degree in Fashion & Retailing but also has many other creative outlets such as painting, drawing and singing. Art has always been an important part of her and she hopes that many kids can get the same level of exposure to the arts that she was fortunate enough to get. "I told myself that when I was 7 years old that when I grow up I want to be an artist and I am glad that I still feel that way now".



Created Creabuntu and has a strong vision to help kids and young people through arts. She is a trained actress, journalist and writer. As a child theatre and performance helped her to grow and get over many obstacles in life. Now she wants to share her knowledge and give back.


is a world traveller and actor. He started teaching theatreworkshops in Katutura and met Elke Reinauer there. Together they created many workshops and Tamsen is willing to help Creabuntu whenever he is in Namibia.


is an Honors Graduate in Commerce from University of Cape Town and a Fixed Income Analyst at the Bank of Namibia. He is the founder and president of the Flock Investment Cooperation, which investes resources in the financal market. He wants to use his passion to inspire the youth and will be the financial advicer of Creabuntu.