strong personalities through art

growing up in the township

Approximately 20,000 (twenty thousand) children are living in Katutura, a township of Windhoek, Namibia. Although some areas of Katutura are quite well off, there are several where living conditions are very poor and the children there only get one proper meal a day.


After school, the children go home but most are not able to study because they have different chores to do and there is often no quiet space in which to study. Despite a few after-school programmes, children mostly hang around in the streets and have few opportunities to do something creative like play an instrument or learn about arts and drama. The Katutura Community Art Centre offers art programmes but with limited capacity, and there are just enough after-school programmes in Katutura.


It is against this background, that Creabuntu was created, in order to offer art-wrokshops for kids in Katutura. We are a group of local artists and offering art-workshops for kids in different locations in Katutura.